Los Angeles Superior Court Jurisdiction and Criminal Defendant Administration

The Los Angeles Superior Court is committed to the administration of justice with equality, fairness and integrity, in an expeditious and timely manner for the people of the County of Los Angeles. The Court seeks to provide equal access to justice, prompt and courteous service, independence and accountability of Court actions, and to exercise case management practices designed to facilitate the fair and timely disposition of cases.
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Loose Your Commercial Driver’s Licence With A DUI in Los Angeles CA

The DMV will suspend a commercial driver’s license if a driver had an alcohol concentration of .04% or higher while driving a commercial vehicle (Cal VC 23152(d)). The D.A. has handled numerous commercial driver’s license DUI and will help you defend your DUI case. If that driver drove a non-commercial vehicle while DUI, for example, his personal car, his/her commercial driver’s license will be suspended only if the blood alcohol level is .08% or above.

The penalty for a commercial driver are a lot more severe not only because the alcohol levels are ½ the “usual” legal limits but also because the suspension is at least twice longer without a possibility of a restricted license (Cal VC 13352.4).

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How To Hire A Criminal Attorney in Los Angeles California

The cost of a criminal defense lawyer can vary depending upon the jurisdiction, and the nature of the charges which have been filed against the defendant. A lawyer will typically require a greater retainer for a complex case than for a simple case. The amount of a retainer will also typically increase with the severity of the charge filed against a defendant. Sometimes, though, a relatively minor charge can require a higher retainer, where the attorney expects to have to engage in extensive motion practice, or where it will be necessary to utilize expert witnesses.
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